Welcome to Epigenetix

Epigenetix is a platform drug discovery company focused on the field of epigenetics and currently pursues a range of projects in different therapeutic areas. Founded in 2011 by
Mr. Joseph Collard and Dr. Claes Wahlestedt (Ph.D., M.D.), Epigenetix mission is to find potential treatments to serious unmet medical needs.

DNA is a highly organized macromolecular structure in the cell. DNA is responsible for encoding genes and also has elements that control contextual gene expression. Epigenetics refers to control of gene expression that is not encoded in the DNA. There are a plethora of enzymes and proteins in the cell that are responsible for epigenetic control of gene expression, mostly by acting on histone proteins to affect chromatin state. These proteins generally fall into three categories: readers, writers and erasers of histone tail modifications.

Disregulation of the DNA architecture and the resulting aberrant gene expression contributes to the pathophysiology underlying cancer and other diseases. Controlling or restoring normal function by targeting the proteins that specifically affect DNA architecture, such as epigenetic enzymes, represent entirely new classes of anti-cancer drugs.

In collaboration with our Chemistry partner; IntelliSynRD, we are developing novel therapeutics by focusing on validated epigenetic targets with proven efficacy via state-of-the-art chemoinformatic and structure-based methods, medicinal chemistry, along with in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and cancer models to design and validate small molecule epigenetic modulators.